30 June 2020

by st-Art

st-Art featured
in Deloitte Report

st-Art been featured in the international art and finance report issued by Deloitte

Art has the power to move people. It can inspire us, inciting new questions, provoking curiosity and excitement and even triggers us to take action. But the reality is the art market is tough to break into. For new artists, there are many barriers ranging from lack of funding to lack of guidance. And for newer art lovers, the idea of purchasing art can feel overwhelming and confusing.

” That is why our mission is to make art and the art market accessible and enjoyable for everyone (artists & buyers). “

On that note – one of the highlights of the past months, st-Art has been featured in The International Art and Finance Report issued by Deloitte ‘Il Mercato dell’Arte e dei Beni da Collezione 2020’. Carlo Tozzi, founder and director of st-Art, had the honour to discuss the art market challenges as well as the solutions st-Art can offer. You can read his interview (in Italian, but soon in English) at Deloitte Report 2020 on page 28.

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