9 December 2020

by st-Art

How To Start Collecting Art: A Beginners Guide

Why Should You Start Collecting Art?

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to start collecting art. Individuals may go from the desire of managing a precious piece of history to a way of merely supporting the arts. By every means, collecting art is a very subjective matter. Untrue is that art is only for the wealthy and famous as many art collectors today start on a small budget to learn how to navigate the art world one step at a time.

That’s the reason why st-Art is here to support art buyers in their journey, especially from their very beginning. Curators and mentors will guide you through the latest trends and emerging artists, with no initial fees. Why we do this? Purely to ease the notorious fear of approaching the art market. Upon first sight, indeed, the art world may seem like an intimidating and daunting space, so it’s expected that buying your first artwork implies some stress and lots of doubts, especially if you don’t know what, where or how to buy.

Truth is, the art world is a magical and engaging space to explore, discover, learn, and be continuously surprised. So here are some tips to help you ease the process!

Set Your Budget Prior To Making Decisions

This budget will help you choose what is available and where. Our advice is to start small to gradually increase your account as you grow your knowledge and practice. With your budget, try to understand the pattern you intend to follow: are you willing to buy an original artwork worth 1000€ every 3 months or multiple artworks worthlessly? Try always to follow the quality vs. quantity rule as your budget is not a fixed asset to rely on. Indeed prices in the art market may change consistently.

Clarify Your Purpose and Goals

Before making any choice, answer this question: what are your intentions with this art collection?

Is it an aesthetic one?

Art can embellish any space without further doubt, so you may get overexcited when finding a piece you think is a perfect fit. However, we advise you to consider the logistics, installation, insurance, and storage before growing your art collection!

Of course, st-Art helps you with this too.

Is making an investment what motivates you?

The answer here is sweet and short: you will need to rely upon a curators‘ experience to let him guide you at first.

You may write to info@st-artamsterdam.com at any time with your requests.

What Happens Next?

Once you defined your budget and purpose, the path is eased to enjoy the art world more light-hearted. We suggest immersing yourself in the art world by researching, navigating the art market, reading the news, and asking a curator for future advice and alerts.

St-Art also offers workshops for you to deepen your art skills.

We suggest you join the st-Art community by subscribing to our newsletter to receive updates and alerts in advance! A curator at st-Art will always be at your service to support you at any time.


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