9 January 2023

by Carlo Tozzi

St-Art Project building for Artists: From Concept to Sale

In the art scene, so many talents still need to be exploited, who still need to receive a fair chance to show their ability without giving up on mediocrity and hopelessness. From this topic comes the idea of introducing a program to work and productively develop the artists’ talent throughout the artistic cycle: from concept to sales.

The project building for artists represents the core of st-Art vision. It embodies st-Art’s idea to curate, guide, and develop artists during their path. In other words, to have a crucial contribution to the artistic growth of talented artists.

How st-Art’s project contributes to the artist’s growth?

At st-Art, we appreciate and value the established talent and the potential one, the one yet to be expressed. Artists, especially emerging ones, can benefit from the possibility of being actively curated by competent and passionate people, the st-Art curators. To do this, we have introduced the project development for artists, in which we follow precise steps:

1. Analyze and comment on the artist’s existing artworks.

2. Understand the style the artist wants to adopt and the result he wishes to obtain

3. Dig inside the artist’s brain and subconscious to comprehend the message he wants to give in his art and how he wants to do it. That’s the concept.

4. Discus modern and contemporary artists as possible inspiration for the artist to propose in his project.

5. Spend time to work on the concept using a mood board to break it down to a lower detail and to inspire the artist’s creativity and vision.

6. From the concept, build on the subject of the series, the style, the technique, the number of artworks, the colors, and the titles.

7. Explain and develop new techniques with the artist if necessary.

8. Start developing the project from the concept to the series

9. St-Art guarantees proper exposure to the market by promoting the series on our website and our media, exhibiting it in our galleries, and through international events.

We are the only ones really working with the artists

St-Art curators are dedicated to the artists 100%. We deal with their personalities and lack of confidence, coaching them to believe in their concept and talent. We trust in it and are committed to protecting it from easy judgments of fake experts and business-oriented people.

Judgment is the easiest way to fill the need for more understanding and knowledge. It’s the first reaction people have when they observe art. We want to fill this lack by giving more content possible on the artist, their human path, their struggle, and how the artworks have been developed.

St-Art works with the artists so that they can be the first to promote themselves. In this Epoque, artists need to be autonomous and capable of being the first to explain their message using all the available ways.

Once the artist is fully aware and fully matured from all points of view, we expect them to leave us and walk their path.

Seeing an artist we have nurtured, grown, and developed gives us tremendous satisfaction and joy to have been part of that growth. We are pure passion and like dealing with like-minded people committed to following their passions and vulnerabilities without being afraid!

Carlo Tozzi,

st-Art Founder and art director

For inquiries and information


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