21 October 2020

by st-Art

The Importance of Having a Professional Portfolio

It might seem redundant to you, but having a professional portfolio is the best way for people or clients to remember your art. It may be even more critical than a stand-out CV! It is the best document for your skills. But how to create a good one? And what to include in it?

Let’s figure this out.

Be Honest As It Will Pay You On The Long Term

If you are entering the art world, this means you still don’t have much recognition. Our advice is to present all of your work to confirm that you are evolving by developing your skills and experimenting with different techniques. It is not only to show an ongoing approach towards your creative career; it also proves you are professionally advancing. Building your professional image must be a real combination of facts, so be honest.

Be Clear So They Will Remember You

It doesn’t matter your level of expertise; being clear is fundamental for people to quickly go through your work and remember you in the long run.
Divide your bodies of work into series if necessary or categories by technique, for instance. It will help users navigate better. A printed format is a good-looking choice to have in your studio, although we are implying you have a digital format portfolio here, as it’s easier to divulge. You may build one on a free website generator (
WixSquarespace), which is easy to learn, and it’s enough for your purpose.

Our Tips

To make this look outstanding, there are few further tips to follow.
Be sure your images are of high quality. If you’re not still capable of shooting good photographs of your artworks, hire a photographer to do so. He will also know how to optimize the images for the web. It is vital to have an efficiently running website.

Be sure to include a title for the artwork. It will not only help Google rank your work; it’s also useful for people to point to the right one. More, try to add something about size and technique; buyers are always interested in details.
Last, use your name and surname as a domain, as this will facilitate not only Google but also users to get online and see your work.

If you need help building your professional portfolio or have any questions regarding your artworks or body of work, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Mentors. st-Art is here to help you!


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