Db Waterman


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63cm x 48cm


Acrylic on paper, Collage, Pencil


A lockdown (literally: lock or lock) is an emergency protocol that usually aims to prevent people or information from leaving an area. The protocol can usually only be set by an authority. Lockdown can also be used to protect people within a facility or, for example, a computer system from a threat or other external event. In buildings, a lockdown usually means that doors leading out are locked in such a way that no one is allowed in or out. Collage, acrylic and drawing on paper. Signed on the back. Unframed. Theme: Textured, City landscape, Urban, Modern, Collage. Colors: white, gray, black, red, beige. Color quality: Amsterdam colors, high brightness, no fading, non-toxic. Signed certificate of authenticity.