Db Waterman


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80cm x 120cm




Without Frame


Mixed Media and Collage on canvas


"Splash of Pink" is a mixed media street art pop painting that combines the brutality of urban art with the vibrant exuberance of pop culture. In this work, a young girl comes to life in a mix of black and white, her figure exudes a sense of timelessness and classic beauty. She is on the eve of an extraordinary adventure, captured the moment she steps into the sea, her silhouette outlined by a soft, pale background of light blue. The contrast between the girl's monochrome presence and the vibrant, almost fluorescent pink swimming band she holds in her hands immediately attracts attention and creates an exciting focal point. What sets "Splash of Pink" apart is the intriguing use of mixed media. The underlying collage of letters, partially hidden by the transparent blue color, gives the work an enigmatic depth. The letters seem to whisper secrets and stories hidden beneath the surface, inviting viewers to ponder the hidden stories interwoven in the urban landscape. This artwork navigates the boundary between tradition and contemporary aesthetics. The pop-art sensibility evoked by the intense pink hue and the girl's serene yet adventurous presence clashes with the gritty authenticity of street art, while the letters and urban background remind us of the ever-changing urban environment. "Splash of Pink" is a visual representation of a moment in time, a fusion of past, present and future and a tribute to the limitless possibilities of life's adventures.