Smoke on the water

Db Waterman


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80cm x 120cm




Without frame


Acrylic on canvas, Pastel on canvas


The fight between nature and the advancing industry, with the child in between. The child has to adapt to his environment and always does, without effort, without resistance. It is not a fight for the child. The child is absorbed in its environment and makes it his own as if it should be like that.  
  • Size: 120 x 80 x 4.5 cm (unframed) / 120 x 80 cm (actual image size)Acrylic on Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Signed on the back and the side
  • This artwork is sold unframed
  • Technique: Acrylic and Oil pastel on canvas
  • Theme: Landscape, Contemporary, Industry, Nature, Children, Water
  • Colors quality: Amsterdam colors: Green, Blue, Aqua, White, Sienna, Orange, Black ;high luminosity, without fading, non-toxic
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Ready to hang
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